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For Them Danny Treacy creates elaborate sculptural costumes from found clothes, he proceeds to wear the costumes and then photographs himself. What makes this project so interesting is the manner in which the clothes are gathered, the way they are constructed, the precise forensic way in which they are recorded and the uncertain narrative that is presented to the viewer. The clothes are discarded items scavenged from ‘fertile grounds’, they are the residue of incidents and accidents somehow lost along the way and they are imbibed with the imagined and sometimes witnessed energy of the previous owner.  Back at his studio the artist intimately examines the clothes and dissects them. Treacy deconstructs and reconstructs the items putting aside their previous functions. He covers his body, dissolving into the fabrics. It is during this process – which could be called transfiguration – that the characters take shape. This practice, part performance, part experiment leads to the creation of fantastical creatures.  The final pieces are captured using a large format camera, printed life-size every detail is laid bare in the sumptuous prints, from bloodstains to burns, from rips of passion to oily marks the real stories can only be imagined. The soiled underbelly of society is exposed with each figure held within the frame of a photograph, the viewer is safe to indulge and to fantasize, only to realize that we are Them and Them are us. – Rise Gallery, Berlin, 2012.